Human Resources

        Metal  & Steel Factory has a regular training programmes for Officers, Staff and Workmen for acquainting them with technology and latest developments in various disciplines. Officers and Staff are generally imparted training through National Academy of Defence Production, Ambajhari and other professional Institutions like NITIE, Mumbai, ASCI, Hyderabad, IAT Pune, IIMs, NPC and RTIs. Several schemes are in hand for proper updating   of latest Technical, Administrative, IT and Environmental trends to enable the Employees to keep abreast of Modern Development in their respective areas. 

Keeping in view the VISION & MISSION Statements of Ordnance Factory Board various training programmes have been taken up for developing knowledge base in personnel at all levels.




       The Factory Training Institution (FTI) can provide accommodation to over 35 participants at a time. The Institution has a lecture hall with video projection  facility on full size screen.  A well-stocked library of technical, scientific and general books is another facility available at the training center.


         A special drive has been made for creating awareness amongst 100% Skilled Workmen during the existing Calendar year 2004-05 regarding the Core-Competency in the area of their work.A special training module has been approved by the Chairman, O.F. Board, (vide OFB letter dated 20-01-2005) and the IEs are being trained as per the respective training module.


    The following are the course modules for training of IEs at in-house training institute (FTI).

1.      Manufacturing of various types of Steel through Conventional and secondary refining processes viz. EAF, LFVD, ESR with special emphasis on Quality Awareness related to Rejection, Cost Awareness, Safety measures.

2.      Manufacturing of Brass Ingots, Rods, Tubes, Wires by Extrusion, Cold Rolling &Drawing.

3.      Manufacturing of Barrels & various Ordnance Items through Forging.

4.      Manufacturing of Steel Bars, Rods, Flats through Hot-Rolling & Forging.

5.      Manufacturing of Ammunition Box & small Forgings.

6.      Manufacturing of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Castings and Pressure Die-Castings.

7.      Manufacturing of Steel Cartridge Cases & Brass Pressings.

8.      Programme on First -Aid, Fire-Fighting, Safety & Occupational Hazards.

9.      First Aid Training.

10.  Sub Station Maintenance.

11.  Maintenance of Plant & Machinery.

12.  Maintenance of Resistance Heating Furnaces.

13.  Maintenance of PLC Control Machines.

14.  Overhauling & Rewinding of Motors and welding sets.

15.  Electrical Maintenance of Induction Heaters.

16.  Awareness Course on Fire-Fighting.

17.  EDM Wire cutting Machines, Grinding, Profile Projector

18.  Production in CNC Machines




NIEs/NGOs/JWMs are being trained in the following course at in-house ( FTI)/ OFILs & External Institutes:

1.      Fundamentals of Computers, Windows, MS Word, MS Access, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint.

2.      Basic Metallurgy for non Metallurgical persons

3.      Melting & Casting of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals : with special emphasis onproduction of ultra clean steel & continuous casting

4.      Leadership and team building

5.      SPC & SQC Technique

6.      Communication skills

7.      Work on 5S, Kaizen and TPM

8.      Criteria of selection of Metals & Failure analysis

9.      Internal Audit

10.  Induction Training for DRCM-II

11.  ISO 14000 & EMS

12.  Shell and Cartridge Case Production & Ammunition Hardware

13.  Surface and selective Heat Treatment

14.  Industrial Safety

15.  On line PPC Package

16.  Basic course in Fire-Fighting

17.  Electrical Maintenance of Plants & Resistance Heating Furnace

18.  Electrical Safety

19.  Labour Laws & Industrial Relation

20.  Gauge Designing

21.  Maintenance of CNC Machine

22.  Working with Auto CAD

23.  TPM

24.  TQM

25.  MDP for JWMs

26.  Lead Auditor Course ISO-9001 : 2000

27.  Material Management

28.  Cutting Tool Design

29.  Barrel Manufacturing Technique

30.  Extrusion, Rolling, Forging with special emphasis on Radial Forging

31.  Mechanical Testing of Metals

32.  Modern Foundry Castings, Die-Casting, Investment Casting and Powder Metallurgy

33.  Estimation & Evaluation Of Total Uncertainty In Measurement As Per NABL-141

34.  Dimensional Metrology

35.  Design & Manufacturing of Jigs, Fixtures and Gauges

36.  Management Excellence for Global Player

37.  Continuous Control Hydraulics

38.  Quality of Work Life

39.  General Requirements for the Competence of Testing & Calibration Laboratories and Internal Audit as per ISO/IEC 17025



            Group - A Officers are being trained in the following course at NADP & External Institutes:


1.      Computer

2.      Total Productive Maintenance

3.      Ordnance Technology

4.      Training For Trainers

5.      Top Level Refresher Course

6.      Financial & Cost Management

7.      CNC Maintenance

8.      General Awareness on OHSAS-18001

9.      Administration & Establishment Rules

10.  Lead Auditor Course ISO-14001:1996

11.  Energy Management & Audit

12.  Sr Level Refresher Course

13.  Planning For Retirement & Life Style Management

14.  CNC Technology

15.  Six Sigma & TQM

16.  SPC/SQC Techniques

17.  Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Measures

18.  Workshop on Civil Work Procedure

19.  ERP & Material Management

20.  Quality Management

21.  Workshop on Creativity

22.  Disaster Management & Fire Fighting

23.  MDOs Conference

24.  Course on Women Managers

25.  Continuing Medical Education

26.  Workshop on Safety

27.  Orientation Course For AWMs


29.  Lead Auditor Course ISO-9001 : 2000


MSF Library has a good collection of books, periodicals pertaining to diverse fields of Science & Technology, Management, Finance, Costing, Humanities, Natural Science, and Military Technology etc. There are over 5000 books and bound volumes of periodicals including foreign journals are also.